J-DOSS : JODC Data On-line Service System

What is J-DOSS?

JODC has archived the oceanographic data and related information obtained by various oceanographic research institutes in and outside Japan, and has served the collected data and information for users' activities.

J-DOSS is a system to provide users with the data managed by JODC through the Internet. Any user can search the data using many keywords and download them from J-DOSS. Although 16 kinds of data and information are provided from J-DOSS now, moreover many data is managed in JODC. In addition, JODC has a plan to improve the service and data quantities/quality of J-DOSS.

Please contact Marine Information Service Office in JODC on J-DOSS and other inquiries concerning oceanographic data and information without hesitation.

Precaution for data usage

You are kindly requested to observe the followings in your usage of the downloaded data from J-DOSS.

  1. To include a description regarding the data source or acknowledge it in your articles, publications or other products in which the data downloaded from JODC site was used, and please send a copy of the publication or product to JODC. They are to be registered in our library and used for the references service and the improvement of our data system.
  2. Not to reproduce the data and provide it to the third party without permission.


Observation Data

  Serial Station Data (Water samplers, STD, CTD, BT) access information format
  Continuously Measured Ocean Data access information format
  Ocean Current Data access information format
  Tide (Hour Tidal Height) Data access information format
  Mooring Observation Data access information format
  MGD77 Data (Bathymetry, Geomagnetism, Gravity) access information format
  Coastal Maritime Meteorology Data access information format
  Fixed Station Temperature Data access information format
  Marine Organism (Plankton) Classification Code access information format
  Marine Organism (Plankton) Observation Data access information format
  Fixed point ocean observatory at Chiba Lighted Beacon access information format
  Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition Depth Data access information format

Statistical Products

  500m Gridded Bathymetry Data access information
  1 Degree Gridded Temperature Statistics access information
  1 Degree Gridded Salinity Statistics access information
  1 Degree Gridded Current Statistics access information