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Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition Depth Data

Data Format

File Format : csv
1st line : meta information item
2nd line : meta information
3rd line : data item
From 4th line : data

Examples of Data

#Project,File Name,Start date of Sounding depth, End date of Sounding depth,Data eria(latitude), Data eria(longitude),File size(MB),Ship,Sounnding Instrument,Positioning instrument,Geodetic system, Tide level correction,Tide station,Data recording device,Data processing application
JARE51,JARE51_110ELine_100m.csv,2009/12/1,2009/12/5,S59-28-11~S36-42-09,E108-00-00~E112-16-22,25.261, Icebreaker SHIRASE,SeaBeam3020,POS/MV320,WGS-84,none,none,Hydrostar ONLINE,Caris HIPS and SIPS 9.0