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Marine Information

National Oceanographic Programme(NOP)

Aiming to assist the cooperation on ocean rerearch opportunity and effective usage of observation data among the ocean research institutes, NOP is the summarized report of the research plan for each fiscal year in Japan submitted by several domestic ocean research institutions. Since April, 2014, NOPs have been able to search at the National Oceanographic Programme of the Marine Information Clearing House. In addition, your NOP can be registered at the provider page of the Marine Information Clearing House.

  National Oceanographic Programme (NOP) database

Cruise Summary Report (CSR)

CSR summarizes research information such as institution name, period, area, research type and obtained data location, which are reported from the research institutions in the internationally unified format. The CSR is helpful to perform the oceanographic data exchange promptly and surely and to fill in the blanks till the data disclosure after the cruise completion.

  Cruise Summary Report (CSR) database


IOC Publications Document Storage Center

Since 1973, JODC has been acting as a document storage center of Japan for publications of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC / UNESCO), safekeeping of reports such as general meetings, executive boards and workshops published by the IOC as well as reference service.

  Bibliography database

Abbreviation/Acronym Dictionary for the Oceans

This is the collection of abbreviations and acronyms on oceanographic research and studies by marine science and international organizations and projects. Contents are abbreviations and acronyms and their full spelling, Japanese translation, and usual pronounciation. In addition, as for the Japanese translation, a temporary translation is posted for convenience even for those without an official translation. In order to make it a better dictionary, please contact us if you find any mistakes or you desire to add the contents.

  Abbreviation/Acronym Dictionary for the Oceans database

Other Publications

 Publications published by JODC in the past.