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About JODC

What is JODC?

As the synthetic marine data bank of Japan, the Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC) collects and manages the oceanographic data observed by various organizations in Japan, which include the governmental organizations, universities and the other marine research institutes. Then JODC ensures data quality, and provides various users with such marine data.

Our History

April, 1965 Establishment of Japan Oceanographic Data Center in Hydrographic Department of Japan Coast Guard.
June, 1972 Foundation of National Board on Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange
February, 1979 Appointment for RNODC (Responsible National Oceanographic Data Center) of WESTPAC (IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific)
April, 1983 Renamed as Japan Oceanographic Data Center(JODC) due to reorganization
April, 1984 Institution the Marine Consultation Service
May, 1991 Initiation the operation of JOIDES(On-line Information and Data Exchange Service) using the PC
October, 1995 Initiation the operation of J-DOSS(JODC Oceanographic Data Online Service System) using the Internet

October, 1996 Initiation the operation of NEAR-GOOS Regional Delayed Mode Data Base (RDMDB

March, 2002 Establishment of the Secretariat of GODAR-WESTPAC (Global Oceanographic Data Archaeology and Rescue Project centered on the western pacific region
January, 2014 Improvement of J-DOSS system