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Fixed Station Temperature Data

Outline of (Records of All Over Japan Coastal Temperature) Fixed Station Temperature Data

 Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC) took over the service of “Fixed Station Temperature Data”from the Local Independent Administrative Agency, Environmental and Geological Resarch Department of Hokkaido Research Organization (former Hokkaido Geological Institute) and has posted them on JODC homepage from 2004 (from 2002 data).
 Environmental and Geological Resarch Department of Hokkaido Research Organization compiled Fixed station temperature data as ten-day average of the temperature data observed at the foreshores, etc. all over the country for the purpose of creating a comparative material of the surface temperature on a nationwide scale, (see "How to compile data" below). Data were collected every year and, No. 1 of the document collection “Record of Japan Coastal Temperature” was published by the Institute in 1994 till No. 8 (2001).
 JODC has newly added the coastal temperature observation materials of the Japan Meteorological Agency and the stations of Regional Coast Guard Headquarters In addition to the conventional ten-day average value, the list of daily temperature values for every station and also the list of the new daily temperature values for every all stations have been published on the website for each calendar year. The coastal temperature observation value of ten-day average values in the “Record of Japan Coastal Temperature” between No. 1 (1994) and No. 8 (2001) can be browsed on the home page of Environmental and Geological Resarch Department of Hokkaido Research Organization.
  We are very grateful to all of each observation institutions that have offered these data, in publishing the “Fixed Station Temperature Data” on the homepage.

Because the temperature of the layer of the surface or several meters below the surface are observed by different stations and observation institutes, the data of different layers are mixed in the Fixed Station Temperature Data. Although most values of the temperature measured at the fixed time in each observation institution, some stations observed dail average data or ten-day average data. Please check with "Information List of Stations" and "Temperature Data List of Every Station".

How to compile data
Ten-day average value is a simple average of the measured value for every ten-day period (beginning, middle, late) of each month. In the case where ten-day average value is described in the original documents received, that value is adapted.We round off to one decimal place to describe it.