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updated on 3 Oct. 2018

Research Plans of GEOTRACES Japan

Ocean Section Cruises

Measurement of a range of TEIs along full-depth ocean sections through each of the major ocean basins represents the core activity of the GEOTRACES programme. The suggested 'key parameters' for the ocean sections are shown here in pdf file.
Criteria of the section cruise has been developed by the SSC.
Also, a flow chart to guide cruise leaders who wish to develop a research programme to be designated as a GEOTRACES cruise or compliant data has been published.
Plan and status of the section cruises of GEOTRACES Japan met with the GEOTRACES requirement are introduced in the following table. Those cruises have been or will be endorsed by GEOTRACES SSC. Responsible researcher for GEOTRACES in each cruises is kindly requested to provide updated information of the cruise to JODC with the form of pre/post cruise metadata at its e-mail address: jodc (a)

Year Ship
Cruise ID Status PI of
CS forGEOTRACES Period Area
2009 Hakuho-Maru KH-09-05 (GI04) Done T.Gamo (ORI) T.Gamo (ORI) 6 Nov 09 -
10 Jan 10
Indian Ocean,
Antarctic Sea
2011 Hakuho-Maru KH-11-07 (GP18) Done J. Zhang (Univ. of Toyama) J. Zhang (Univ. of Toyama) 16 Jul -
4 Aug. 11
Western North Pacific Ocean
2012 Hakuho-Maru KH-12-04 (GP02) Done T.Gamo (AORI) T.Gamo (AORI) 23 Aug.-
3 Oct. 12
North Pacific Ocean
2014 Hakuho-Maru KH-14-06 (GP19) Done T.Gamo (AORI) T.Gamo (AORI) 2 Dec. 14 -
26 Feb. 15
South Pacific Ocean
2015 Hakuho-Maru KH-15-03 (GP06) Done J. Zhang (Univ. of Toyama) J. Zhang (Univ. of Toyama) 14 Oct.-
4 Nov. 15
North Pacific Ocean
2017 Hakuho-Maru KH-17-03 (GP02bis) Done H.Obata (AORI) H.Obata (AORI) 23 Jun.-
9 Aug. 17
North Pacific Ocean