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updated on 12 Dec. 2011

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Data Management of GEOTRACES Japan

Establish of GEOTRACES Data Management Office of Japan in Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC) has been discussed in the Sub-committee on GEOTRACES, Science Council of Japan in order;

  1. To assist Japanese researches on data processing, management and submission, following to the data policy and standard of GEOTRACES and,
  2. To manage and provide the data and information obtained by the research activities of GEOTRACES Japan to users during the implementation of GEOTRACES following to the GEOTRACES data policy, and after the project as National Oceanographic Data Centre of Japan.

To archive those requests, the following actions will be taken by JODC under the supervision of the Sub-committee;

  1. To collect and update metadata of the research activities of GEOTRACES Japan, and to monitor status of those data/metadata submission to IPO and/or appropriate International Data Assembly Centres,
  2. To manage the data/metadata submitted by the researches of GEOTRACES Japan and provide them to users following to the GEOTRACES Data Policy in 2 years publication rights period and then following to IOC data management policy after the publication rights period and,
  3. To provide advice and assistance to the researches of GEOTRACES Japan on data and metadata processing and submission, keeping close relation with International Data Management Committee of GEOTRACES, IPO and International Data Assembly Centres.

Contact information of JODC

GEOTRACES Data Management Office of Japan
Japan Oceanographic Data Center
E-mailjodc (a)
Address3-1-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 8932, Japan