IOC Other Documents
Last Updated: November 15, 2013
Year Title Received Digital File Note
2013 Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Sub-Commission for Africa and the Adjacent Island States: IOCAFRICA   222053m.pdf (1MB) IOC Brochure
2013 Tsunami Information Centre for the North-Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean (NEAMTIC): summary of achievements 2010-2013   220651e.pdf (2.8MB)  
2012 Tsunami: the great waves   148609e.pdf (2.4MB) English
  148609f.pdf (4.1MB) French
2nd rev. ed. pub. 2012
2011 The International thermodynamic equation of seawater, 2010: a scientific summary for policy makers   193020e.pdf (924KB)  
2010 Why monitor the Arctic Ocean? Services to society from a sustained ocean observing system   189843e.pdf (3.2MB)  
2010 Where the first wave arrives in minutes: Indonesian lessons on surviving tsunamis near their sources;public knowledge, natural warnings, and evacuation strategies that helped people live through fast-arriving tsunamis in Aceh and Southern Java   189842e.pdf (8.9MB)  
2010 UNESCO/IOC principles and strategy in capacity development   188944e.pdf (286KB)  
2010 Sea-level rise and variability: a summary for policy makers   189369e.pdf (2.0MB)  
2010 The Global Ocean Observing System: a summary for policy makers   185696e.pdf (1.0MB)  
2009 The UNESCO strategy for action on climate change   162715e.pdf (1.8MB)  
2009 OCEAN ACIDIFICATION, A Summary for Policymakers from the Second Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World   SPM-hirez.pdf (7.0MB)  
2009 Five years after the tsunami in the Indian Ocean: from strategy to implementation; Advancements in global early warning systems for tsunamis and other ocean hazards, 2004-2009   185825e.pdf (1.8MB)  
2009 Surviving a tsunami: lessons from Aceh and Southern Java, Indonesia   183133e.pdf (3.4MB)  
2008 HABs in Stratified Systems   GEOHAB_5_CRP_Stratified_compressed.pdf (2.9MB) GEOHAB Report No.5
2007 HABs in Eutrophic Systems   FINAL_GEOHAB_Eutro_corrected.pdf (5.4MB) GEOHAB Report No.4
2006 IOC Project Office for IODE, Ostend, Belgium   145764e.pdf (490KB)  
2006 Tsunami teacher: resource kit   149617e.pdf (18.8MB)  
2006 Brochure of IOC Project Office for IODE, Ostend, Belgium   IODEBROCHURE.pdf (2.1MB)  
2005 Sustaining coastal societies and ecosystems: is coastal management effective?   141199e.pdf (684KB)  
2005 Look deeper: a guide for the National Commissions for UNESCO; an introduction to the role and functioning of the IOC of UNESCO with suggested guidelines for promoting the IOC's mission and programmes   140974e.pdf (774KB)  
2005 GEOHAB core research project: HABS in upwelling systems 2005/5/16 CRPUpwelling139115e-2.pdf (1.0MB) GEOHAB Report No.3
2005 GEOHAB Open Science Meeting on HABs in Stratified Systems   OSM_A4-Stratified-.pdf (351KB)  
2005 GEOHAB Open Science Meeting on HABs and Eutrophication   OSM3-Eutro-Program_book_final.pdf (977KB)  
2004 GEOHAB Open Science Meeting on HABs in Fjords and Coastal Embayments   REVOSMFCEProgramBook.pdf (344KB)  
2003 GEOHAB Implementation Plan   GEOHAB-IP.pdf (414KB) GEOHAB Report No.2
2003 GEOHAB Open Science Meeting on HABs in Upwelling Systems   OSM_1_Program_Book.pdf (1.2MB)  
2003 Poverty and Reefs, Volume 2: Case Studies 2003/10/20 131839e.pdf (4MB)  
2003 Poverty and Reefs, Volume 1: A Global Overview 2003/10/20 131839e.pdf (4MB)  
2003 Business Partnerships for Global Observing Systems (BPOS): using observations for environmental, social and economic sustainability; an invitation to join IOC/UNESCO   128265e.pdf (393KB)  
2003 The Global Ocean Surface Underway Data (GOSUD) Project Plan   IODE17_37A_gosud.pdf (499KB)  
2002 Report of the ICES-IOC Study Group on the Development of Marine Data Exchange Systems Using XML, Helsinki, Finland, 1516 April 2002   C1202.pdf (6.7MB)  
2002 One planet, one ocean: sustainable development of oceans and coasts, a commitment of 129 States at Johannesburg 2002   126392e.pdf (272KB)  
2002 Mitigating the Effects of Harmful Algae 2001/11/29 126074eo.pdf (1.7MB) A4 landscape brochure
2001 Harmful algal blooms 2000 2003/1/14 126659eo.pdf (60MB)  
2001 Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms (GEOHAB); science plan 2001/6/6 124638e.pdf (1.9MB) GEOHAB Report No.1
2000 Continental Shelf Limites, The Scientific and Legal Interface, edited by Peter J.Cook, Chris M. Carleton 2002/1/10   OXFORD University Press
2000 MISSION TO GEORGIA ON IOC/IODE MATTERS. Report of the IOC Advisory Mission to The Republic of Georgia, 6 - 10 March 2000   advm10.pdf (574KB)  
1999 Synthetic tsunami mareograms for realistic oceanic models   117161eo.pdf (1.8MB)  
1998 Basic Texts, Manual of the General Conference and Rules of Procedure of the Executive Boad   111784e.pdf (422KB)  
1997 Earthquakes and tsunamis: high school teacher's guidebook 1997/8/14 111577eo.pdf (1.5MB)  
1997 Earthquakes and tsunamis: high school textbook 1997/8/14 111576eo.pdf (8.6MB)  
1997 I invite you to know the earth II: 5th to 8 th grade of preparatory school teacher's guidebook 1997/2/12    
1997 I invite you to know the earth II: 5th to 8 th grade of preparatory school textbook 1997/2/12    
1996 I invite you to know the earth I: elementary school 2nd to 4th grade teacher's guidebook 1996/12/17 105624e.pdf (118KB)  
1996 I invite you to know the earth I: text for elementary school 2nd to 4th grade 1996/12/17 105625e.pdf (785KB)  
1996 Earthquakes and tsunamis: teacher's guidebook; pre-elementary school 1996/9/17 114462eo.pdf (612KB)  
1996 Earthquakes and tsunamis: pre-elementary school textbooks 1996/9/17 112429eb.pdf (1.1MB)  
1996 Manual of the General Conference   102913e.pdf (423KB)  
1995 Harmful algae: an international directory of experts in toxic and harmful algae and their effects on fisheries and public health 1995/12/26 120451eb.pdf (5.7MB)  
1995 ICES/IOC Working Group on Dynamics of Harmful Marine Phytoplankton: reports   112134eo.pdf (12.2MB)  
  Tsunami Warning! 1993/12/8    
  Global Ocean Observing System no record   A5 size brochure
  Towards a Global Ocean Observing System, prepard for the Second World Climate Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, 29 Oct-7 Nov 1990 no record    
1993 Marine Science Country Profiles 3, Black Sea Research Country Profiles (Level II) 1993/11/15    
1985 IOC Manual, revised edition no record    
1984 Ocean Science for the Year 2000, a report on an inquiry by SCOR and ACMRR for IOC and UNESCO 1985/1/5    
  Cruise Summary Report   ROS-DOC.pdf (294KB)