(IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific Region)

WESTPAC programme started in 1979 with 19 Member States as a semi-permanent project for comprehensive marine research in the Western Pacific area. The fields of observation and investigation in this project are physical oceanography, biology, geology, geophysics and pollution.

Further details of WESTPAC are available at the homepage of WESTPAC.

JODC had contributed promotion of IODE activity and improvement of capacity on oceanographic data and information management in the WESTPAC region as the Responsible National Oceanographic Data Center (RNODC) for WESTPAC since 1979, until abolishment of the RNODC system that was agreed at the 18th session of IOC committee on IODE, May 2005.

JODC has been continuing its effort to promote IODE activity and improve regional capacity on oceanographic data and information management through participating in development of Oceanographic Data Information Network (ODIN) - WESTPAC.


Major activities by JODC in WESTPAC

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