Information about Publication of the Proceedings for ICIWPf99

The International Conference on the International Oceanographic Data & Information Exchange in the Western Pacific 1999 (ICIWPf99) was held in Langkawi, Malaysia from 1st to 4th November 1999. The Conference was aimed to bring together scientists & data managers to discuss new challenges facing the International Oceanographic Data & Information Exchange (IODE) system in the region and to identify measures for increasing the effectiveness of the system.

The conference was organized by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, in collaboration with the Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC) and the Oceanographic Research Coordination Committee of Malaysia with a financial support of the Nippon Foundation, Science and Technology Agency, Japan and Japan International Cooperation Agency.

The first two days of the seminar were dedicated to presentations related to the oceanography and marine science focused on data requirement, data and products needs. The last two days were held for a workshop for an exchange of views and ideas on how the IODE centers can better respond to the needs of research program and users of marine data. The conference was attended by 113 participants from 14 countries and successfully finished and achieved many outcomes for activating the IODE system, not only in WESTPAC region but also in other regions.

JODC published the minuets of the Conference and sent it to all participants, related organizations and so on. If any participants who actually attented the meeting, has not received it yet, personal information will be requested for confirmation.

The minutes will be the most valuable for ocean sciences in the region. Therefore, all authors and co-authors can require minutes, and researchers and data managers who are interested in the ocean data management in the region will be able to request if they need it. However, as the number of copies is limited, all requesters are not necessarily able to receive it.

With regard to the outlines of manuscripts of seminar, you can find in eAbstracts for ICIWPf99 (PDF, 278 KB)f on the top page of JODC home page. However, all manuscripts in the abstracts are not printed at the time of proceedings because the presentations by some authors were not given as they did not attend the meeting.

Toshio NAGAI
Director of Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC)
WESTPAC Regional Coordinator

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