Position Code Table

Marsden Square Chart (World)

[MSQ World Map]

The number in the chart shown the Marsden Square Number.

Marsden Square Subdivisions

[MSQ Subdivisions]

Quadrant of position

1Latitude is North, Longitude is East
3Latitude is South, Longitude is East
5Latitude is South, Longitude is West
7Latitude is North, Longitude is West

Third mesh code

This code is a part of JIS X 0410:1976 "Grid square code".
Format of this code is as follows :

AA 1st Mesh(Lat.)(Southernmost Latitude) * 1.5
BB 1st Mesh(Lon.)(Westernmost Longitude) - 100
CD 2nd Meshsee Fig.1
EF 3rd Meshsee Fig.2

[2nd and 3rd mesh map]

GEBCO Mesh Code

GEBCO Mesh Code can be easily identified by constructing a nine-digit number. The components of this number, in order of their construction are described as follows :
Qc L G G D1 D2 H Q O
Qc 1Quadrant number
1 : Latitude is North , Longitude is East
3 : Latitude is South , Longitude is East
5 : Latitude is South , Longitude is West
7 : Latitude is North , Longitude is West
L 1Tens digit of degrees latitude
G G 2Hundreds and tens digit of degrees longitude
D1 1One digit of degrees latitude
D2 1One digit of degrees longitude
H 130 minutes mesh (1 to 4)
Q 115 minutes mesh (1 to 4)
O 17.5 minutes mesh (1 to 4)

[GEBCO sub mesh]

Last update : September 24, 1997