Protocols for JGOFS

Cruise Plans

The Principal Investigator (PI) participating in any JGOFS related project is encouraged to submit a cruise plan to the DMO as soon as possible.
DMO will accept cruise plans from PIs via any media, paper, digital as well as the Internet.
DMO will introduce cruise plans submitted by the PIs on this home page.

Cruise Summary Reports

The PI is encouraged to submit a CSR to DMO immediately after the cruise by the IOC CSR (ROSCOP3).
The CSR form is available from the DMO as well as the following digital version.

CSR.pdf (297k); In order to read this file you need Acrobat Reader software
If you do not have this software, you can down load it here.

DMO will display the CSRs submitted by the researchers on this home page.

Go to the JODC CSR database

Data Submission

The PI is encouraged to submit data to DMO in accordance with JGOFS data policy.
DMO will accept the data in any format provided the format description is included.
A PI should notify the DMO if a restriction period exists for release of data to public as per the JGOFS data policy.

We expect PIs to include some meta data along with the submitted data.
Meta data requirements were recommended at the IOC-EU-BSH-NOAA-(WDC-A) International Workshop on Oceanographic Biological and Chemical Data Management, Hamburg, Germany, 20-23 May, 1996. A digital version of the workshop report is available at W122.pdf(114K)and requires Acrobat Reader.

DMO will announce data received on this homepage.

Measurement Methods / Operation Manuals

The following documents are available for JGOFS measurements at DMO.

Reports / Submission of Papers

DMO expects PIs who participate in JGOFS programs to submit a paper or a report to DMO. The reports or papers can be viewed on this home page.


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Last update :July 2, 1998