JGOFS North Pacific Task Team(NPTT)
Terms of Reference

I. The primary issues to be addressed by North Pacific Task Team

There are the quantification of the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and associated elements in the North Pacific Ocean and its marginal seas.

Specific objectives

II. The central purpose of the North Pacific Task Team

It is to coordinate and encourage national and international JGOFS & JGOFS-related programmes that address air-sea exchange, biogeochemical processes, and the role of intermediate water masses in the transfer of biogenic materials in the region. The specific tasks involve developing a structure for coordinating the field programmes including satellite remote sensing of ocean color and the subsequent synthesis and modelling efforts.

Those activities include:

III. The membership of NPTT

It shall include scientists who are actively working in the North Pacific. The Chair is nominated by the task team concerned, recommended by the JGOFS Executives, and appointed by SCOR and IGBP. Members of the North Pacific Task Team are appointed by the JGOFS SSC Executives in their personal capacity.

IV. It is anticipated that the office will be established in the region.


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