JCOMM Other Documents
Last Updated: November 15, 2013
Year Title Received Digital File Note
2009 DBCP Brochure   DBCP_BROCHURE_2009.pdf (7.7MB)  
2008 Joint WMO/IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology, Second session, Halifax , 9-27 September 2005   WMO-No995-E.pdf (846KB) WMO-No.955
2003 JCOMM Brochure   jcomm-brochure-english.pdf (1.5MB) English
  jcomm-brochure-french.pdf (973KB) French
  jcomm-brochure-spanish.pdf (870KB) Spanish
  jcomm-brochure-russian.pdf (1.2MB) Russian
2003 Argos Joint Tariff Agreement, Twenty-second Meeting, Trois Ilets, Martinique, France, Summary Report, 21-23 October 2002   jta22 Final Report.pdf (3.9MB)  
2002 Information service bulletin on non-drifting ocean data acquisition systems (ODAS)   125821e.pdf (204KB)  
2001 Argos Joint Tariff Agreement, Twenty-first Meeting, Perth, Australia, 29-31 October 2001, Final Report   jta21.pdf (1.5MB)  
2001 Joint WMO/IOC Technical Commissiion for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology, First Session, Akureyri, 19-29 June 2001    931E.pdf (1.1MB) WMO-No.931
1998 Guide to Wave Analysis and Forecasting, 1998, Second Edition   WMO702.pdf (3.7MB) WMO-No.702