What's New of the Japan Oceanographic Data Center http://www.jodc.go.jp/jodcweb/index.html As the synthetic marine data bank of Japan, the Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC) collects and manages the oceanographic data observed by various organizations in Japan, which includes the governmental organizations, universities and the other marine research institutes. Then JODC ensure data quality, and provides various users with such marine data. en Japan Oceanographic Data Center : JODC Questionnaire Survey on NEAR-GOOS Data Services has ended. Thank you for your cooperation. http://www.jodc.go.jp/jodcweb/index.html 2018-10-18 NEAR-GOOS RDMDB was updated. 30sec. interval sea level data (Aug. 2018) at tide stations, Japan Coast Guard. http://www.jodc.go.jp/jodcweb/index.html 2018-10-05 Tide (Hour Tidal Height) Data was updated. Hourly sea level height data (2017) at tide stations, Organizations related to the Ports and Harbors Bureau, MLIT. ・TOUHOKU Regional Bureau,TYUBU Regional Bureau,KYUSYU Regional Bureau, HOKURIKU Regional Bureau,HOKKAIDO Regional Development Bureau http://www.jodc.go.jp/jodcweb/index.html 2018-10-04 Data below were added to the Serial Station Data abd Ocean Current Data. Temperature, Salinity and Ocean Current by ADCP. Japan Coast Guard.Observed from 2017. http://www.jodc.go.jp/jodcweb/index.html 2018-09-28 Request of Cooperation for Questionnaire Survey on NEAR-GOOS Data Services http://www.jodc.go.jp/jodcweb/index.html 2018-09-07