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updated on 30 Oct. 2017

Research Plans of GEOTRACES Japan

Compliant Cruises and Studies

Plan and status of the research cruises and studies related to GEOTRACES Japan are shown in the following table. Those cruises and studies are expected to contribute to GEOTRACES though those are not endorsed as a GEOTRACES cruise or study.
Criteria for the GEOTRACES compliant cruise and study decided by SSC is shown in PDF.
Also, a flow chart to guide cruise leaders who wish to develop a research programme to be designated as a GEOTRACES cruise or compliant data has been published.
Responsible researcher in those cruises or studies is kindly requested to provide update information of the cruise or studiy to JODC with the form of pre/post cruise metadata at its e-mail address: jodc (a)

Year Ship
Cruise ID Status PI of
CS for
Period Area
2003 Hakuho-Maru KH-03-01, leg.3,4 Done Y.Sano(ORI) Y.Sano(ORI) 25 Jun -
11 Aug 03
East Pacific Ocean
2004/ 2005 Hakuho-Maru KH-04-05 Done T.Gamo(ORI)/
T.Gamo(ORI) 29 Nov 04 -
22 Mar 05
South Pacific Ocean and Antarctic Ocean
2005 Tansei-Maru KT-05-11 Done T.Gamo(ORI) T.Gamo(ORI) 16-26 May 05 Sea of Japan
2006 Tansei-Maru KT-06-18 Done H.Obata(ORI) H.Obata(ORI) 14-16 Aug 06 Sagami Bay, Suruga Bay of the south coast of Japan
2007 Tansei-Maru KT-07-24 Done T.Gamo(ORI) T.Gamo(ORI) 25 Sep -
4 Oct 07
Sea of Japan
2007 Tansei-Maru KT-07-27 Done H.Obata(ORI) H.Obata(ORI) 21-25 Oct 07 Sagami Bay, Suruga Bay, Tokyo bay of the south coast of Japan, and Kuroshio region
2008 Tansei-Maru KT-08-04 Done Y.Sano (ORI) T.Gamo(ORI) 13-19 Mar 08 Okinawa Trough
2009 Tansei-Maru KT-09-13 Done T.Gamo(ORI) T.Gamo(ORI) 24-30 Jul 09 South-off of Honshu island of Japan, Kuroshio region
2015 Shinsei-Maru KS-15-06 Done H.Obata(AORI) H.Obata(AORI) 25 Jun. - 6 Jul. 2015 East China sea, Okinawa Trough, Philippine Sea
2016 Hakuho-Maru KH-16-07 Done I.Yasuda(AORI) J.Nishioka(Hokaido Univ.) 6-26 Dec 2016 East China Sea, Sub-tropical region of Western Pacific Ocean