CTD Data File Format

Header Record

01-14JODC Ref. No.
01-02 Country CodeOriginator's nationality code
03-06 YearYear
07-08 Inst. CodeJODC institution code
09-10 Consec. Cruise No.JODC consecutive cruise number
11-14 Consec. St. No.JODC consecutive station number
15-16Ship CodeJODC ship code
17-21LatitudeDegrees and minutes to tenths
22Lat. Hem.Hemisphere of latitude (N or S)
23-28LongitudeDegrees and minutes to tenths
29Lon. Hem.Hemisphere of longitude (E or W)
30-40Observation Date(GMT)
30-33 YearYear
34-35 MonthMonth
36-37 DayDay
38-40 HourHours to tenths
41-42Project CodeProject name code
43-49Station NameOriginator's station name
50-53DepthDepth to bottom in meters
54-55 DirectionWave direction in 36 points, 00 : Calm
56 ClassSea state in WMO code 3700
57-58 DirectionWind direction in 36 points, 00 : Calm
59-60 ClassWind force in Beaufort scale
61-63Air PressureAir pressure in hPa to tenths
500 - 999 : 950.0 - 999.9 hPa
000 - 499 : 1000.0 - 1049.9 hPa
64-66Air Temp.Dry-bulb temperature in degree Celsius to tenths
67-69Obs. IntervalObservation depth interval in 10 Kilo Pascal(kPa)
70-73Max. DepthMaximum observation depth in 10 kPa
74-78Square Key
74-7610 Deg.Marsden square number
77-781 Deg.1 degree square number
80Record TypeAlways "1"

Comment Record

01-79CommentComment - in plain language
80Record TypeAlways "2"

Data Record

01-05Pressure (1)Value(kPa) to tenths
06QCQC flag, Blank: Normal, 1: Abnormal
07-11Temperature (1)Value(degree Celsius) to thousandths
12QCQC flag, Blank: Normal, 1: Abnormal
13-17Salinity (1)Value(ps) to thousandths
18QCQC flag, Blank: Normal, 1: Abnormal
19-23DO (Dissolved Oxygen) (1)Value(ml/liter) to thousandths
24QCQC flag, Blank: Normal, 1: Abnormal
25-30Pressure (2)See Pressure (1)
31-36Temperature (2)See Temperature (1)
37-42Salinity (2)See Salinity (1)
43-48DO (2)See DO (Dissolved Oxygen) (1)
49-54Pressure (3)See Pressure (1)
55-60Temperature (3)See Temperature (1)
61-66Salinity (3)See Salinity (1)
67-72DO (3)See DO (Dissolved Oxygen) (1)
76-79Record No.Record Sequential Number
80Record TypeAlways "3"

Last update : September 24, 1997