Oceanographic Observation

conducted by Training Vessels, Hokkaido University

1. Outline

The Faculty of Fisheries and Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University are located in the port city of Hakodate about 200km south of Sapporo.

The Faculty of Fisheries was established as the School of Fisheries at Sapporo Agricultural College in 1907.  It was reorganized in 1995, and the Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences with two divisions was established in April 2000. These two institutions now have two training ships, a training factory, marine and limnological laboratories, and are leading fisheries research organizations in Japan.


The Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences comprises the following two Divisions:

·           Division of Marine Environment and Resources

·           Division of Marine Biosciences

The Faculty of Fisheries consists of following four Departments:

·           Department of Fisheries Oceanography and Marine Science

·           Department of Marine Production System Science

·           Department of Marine Biological Science

·           Department of Marine Bioresources Chemistry


The Faculty of Fisheries has presently two training vessels, T/V Oshoro Maru (1,383 G.T) and T/V Ushio Maru (179 G.T).

T/V Oshoro Maru was constructed in 1986 as the forth generation.  Range of experiments and training for the faculty students and researchers on various fields, such as Physical Oceanography, Chemistry Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, Industrial Engineering, Production System Design, Resource Environmental Science, Satellite Remote Sensing, Hydroacoustic Remote Sensing, etc.

T/V Ushio Maru was constructed in 1992 as the second-generation and extended her length in 2002.  She has engaged in research and training works on coastal seas around the southern part of Hokkaido.

The Faculty of Fisheries had one more vessel, T/V Hokusei Maru.  However, she was scraped in 2002.


2. Research Results

Some pictures produced from the result of the project are introduced in the page ‘Rerach/JP14/Pictures.htm’ for your reference.


3. Observation Data

From the oceanographic data observed by the training vessels of Hokkaido University, the data which is expected the contribution for Ocean Flux study in the North pacific region was contained in the data set.  The detail of the data in this dataset is introduced at ‘Research/JP14/Inventory.htm’.


4. Publications

The research results of the training vessels of the Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University have been published as a report “Data Record of Oceanographic Observations and Exploratory Fishing”.

And also the study results have been published as “Bulletin of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University”


Last update on August 12, 2003

by Norio BABA